Tigatag is a platform for playing social games with your friends and the people around you. Explore your area in a new and exciting way.

The geolocation landscape.

As social media sites across the world started to provide people with geolocation services, we grew frustrated that there wasn't really anything we could do with this information.

It's great that you can tell your friends where you are, but what use is this information to them? What's the point in checking into your favorite coffee shop if all you're getting is bragging rights?

Wouldn't it be neat if that location information let you play games - treasure hunts, gotcha, monopoloy, you name it.

Which brings us to Tigatag.

We let you build games around your favorite locations.

Creating treasure hunts you can play with your friends and people in your immediate surroundings.

Set up a game of Gotcha - you may know it as Assassins - with a group of friends to see which one of you is the sneakiest.

As we evolve we plan to add new games to the site. Imagine playing real life monopoloy, or capture the flag on a truly city wide scale.

That's what Tigatag dreams of.